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What makes a community a great place to live, work and play?
This Sustainable Foster City dashboard - an economic development dashboard - is provided to give you a "quick look" at the health and vibrancy of our community. The City of Foster City in partnership with the Foster City Chamber of Commerce are pleased to provide you data, information and resources that give you a flavor of why we believe Foster City, California is the ideal place to live, work or play in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Foster City is on a mission to sustain and enhance the quality of life for everyone who comes to Foster City -- businesses, employees, residents, shoppers, families and sports & fitness enthusiasts! Everyone that comes into Foster City deserves a great experience in making Foster City the place they desire to be.

Are you looking to locate your business in Foster City?
Check out information regarding development activity through our building permit data, how the City has prioritized investment in its infrastructure, the history of commercial vacancy rates, and properties available for lease.

Thinking about moving to Foster City?
Learn about Foster City's strong financial position, the priority we place on public safety, well-paved roads, and parks and recreation amenities.

The data contained through the links on the left-hand side of this page will be updated on a monthly or quarterly basis (dependent upon availability of information).

Visit our Sustainable Foster City page to learn more about our sustainable strategies for our community. To learn more about economic development in Foster City, contact Assistant City Manager Steve Toler at (650) 286-3214, or by e-mail at SToler@fostercity.org.

To learn more about business opportunities in Foster City, contact the Foster City Chamber of Commerce at (650) 573-7600 or by e-mail at info@fostercitychamber.com.

City Hall - 610 Foster City Blvd.
Foster City, CA 94404
(650) 286-3200